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Z-Hacks Hackaton

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    Tibo Gabriels

While browsing hackathons on Devpost I came across Z-Hacks, A hackathon organized by ZARC. ZARC is an international-wide initiative that provides students a platform to solve problems they are facing. This was my first ever hackathon, so I jumped right in and searched for team members.

This was all on quite short notice, as the hackathon

span only 2 days. I quickly got a response from someone with little programming experience but a lot of work drive, and later another person with similar experience as me. I must say that the assignment or theme for this hackathon was very broad and vague, we expected more details to be published, so we waited with design, but sadly this was not the case. This second person already had their own ideas for a task management system. They gave me a basic design and told me to work with next.js. I jumped at the decision to learn next.js and got started. Sadly, our design was so vague and communication was very limited. So in the end we did not have a finished submission. Quite a shame.

In the end, this did result in me choosing next.js to build this blog, so not all was in vain.